Bugera 1960 & 1990 Classic Guitar Amps Deliver British Tone for Less

Now available from WMS are two very new, very-striking amplifier options from Bugera – the 1960 & 1990 guitar amplifier heads.

Bugera 1960 Classic Guitar Amp Head

Bugera 1990 Classic Guitar Amp Head

Look familiar? Well, they sound familiar, too. Both amps are voiced for that unmistakable, classic British tone and they pretty well nail it – and at under $500 bucks each ($449 street price), that’s certainly not a bad thing!

The Bugera 1960 Classic is a high-wattage (150w), single channel beast with clean headroom up to high-heaven and is perfect for players who derive their dirt from pedals. It’s got a robust, full tone with all the beef, spank and sparkle one might need. Of course, it’ll break up when you push those 4 EL34 tubes, but at 150 watts – it’s gonna be LOUD! (Yeah, you’ll need an attenuator to get those Ramones toanz at bedroom volume).

The second model is the Bugera 1990 Classic– a 120/60w Modern Classic style amplifier with dedicated reverb control for each footswitchable channel and a direct out for those late night, bedroom recording sessions. It provides plenty of crunch on the dirty channel and a nice sparkle on the clean. The high-quality reverb is also a nice touch and allows for everything from a little space to cavernous tones.

Both amps feature FX loops, output compatibility with 4, 8 & 16 watt speaker cabs, merging must-have modern features with classic amplifier design. Check out videos and more info at www.worldmusicsupply.com!


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