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Hey guys, its Brian here with World Music Supply, and today, I want to talk a little about DBZ Guitars. DBZ is the brain child of Dean B. Zelinsky, who parted ways with Dean Guitars in mid 2008. In order to give Mr. Zelinsky “personal control over design, direction and quality” he started DBZ guitars shortly after parting ways with his former company.

DBZ Barchetta LT Premier Series in Red

DBZ Barchetta LT Premier Series in Red

We here at World Music Supply currently carry the DBZ Barchetta, a guitar with all the sonic fire power and visual flash a modern shredder could ask for. We carry the LT Premier series in both the string through hardtail, and the Floyd Rose Pro equipped versions. This series of guitars all feature a heavily carved top, the signature Dean Zelinsky neck profile that is neither too fat, or too skinny, and a set of great sounding DBZ humbucking pickups. We also carry the Absinthe which is a Barchetta style guitar with a special Absinthe graphic, Grover tuners, a Floyd Rose Special, an ebonized rosewood fretboard and special diamond inlays. Lastly we also carry the Bare Bones Series of DBZ guitars, which are Barchetta style guitars, which all feature sleek graphic finishes, a Floyd Rose Special Tremolo, Grover tuners, and a set neck with an ebonized rosewood fretboard with upgraded bare bones inlays.

DBZ Bare Bones Series Devil Graphics

DBZ Bare Bones Series Devil Graphics

Ive gotten the opportunity to test drive a few of these guitars, and was thoroughly impressed by them in every way. The body style looks far more impressive in person, and pictures just don’t do this guitar justice. It hung comfortably on a strap, and the body bevels made it just as comfortable to play. The tone of these guitars is thick, with no range of the guitar over powering another, and the Floyd Rose worked wonderfully, coming safely back to pitch no matter how far I pushed or pulled it. The ability to coil tap the pickups was a fun feature, and provided me a bit of spanky, single coil tone, which is a nice addition to an already nice guitar.

These were designed by DBZ to be metal and hard rock guitars, and while I understand they were designed to be the guitar equivalent of fire breathing monsters. With the gain turned down I was able to wrangle some rather respectable classic rock tones, and with a clean tone, and the coils split, these guitars even do a fairly impressive impersonation of a strat, so even though they’re marketed as metal guitars, these are very versatile instruments.

DBZ Barchetta FR LT Premier Series in Black

DBZ Barchetta FR LT Premier Series in Black

Because of this amazing versatility, in my book the Barchetta series a pure 10 out of 10, as they are stunning guitars at a jaw dropping price, with features and quality rarely found in a guitar in this price range. So why don’t you do yourself a favor, and head on over to and snag yourself one of these fantastic guitars before they’re all gone.


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