World Music Supply | Yamaha’s New DXR and DXS Series of Active Speakers

Hey guys, Brian again with World Music Supply, and today I’m here with another addition of New and Improved, and today it’s all about an amazing new line of loudspeakers from Yamaha. Yamaha has been producing quality sound products since the 1960’s, and they have made it their continuing goal to stay at the head of the technological curve. They have done this across the board, from their musical instruments which are some of the finest to ever come out of Japan, to their Club series of passive speakers which have dominated the market for years.

The New Yamaha DXR Active Speakers and DXS Active Subwoofers

The New Yamaha DXR Active Speakers and DXS Active Subwoofers

Yamaha unveiled their New DXR and DXS Active Loudspeakers Series at Winter NAMM 2012 with an amazing demonstration of their crystal clear response along every possible frequency range, and at literally any volume level by actually demonstrating them at every possible frequency range, and at every volume level. You can find videos of this demonstration all over youtube, with the whole range of DXR speakers hung from the ceiling, and the DXS subwoofers sitting comfortably below a large flat screen that displayed what it was you were listening to. In the bottom corner of the screen was a DB meter that measured in real time, just how loud these speakers actually were. They covered everything from the sounds of water rolling through a creek, an acoustic guitar, a motor cycle revving up, a stadium sized audience applauding, an electric guitar playing through a standard blues shuffle, and even a clip of LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” which actually peaked their DB meter, all without distorting or getting muddy.

Their video then went on to feature all the good techno jargon that you have come to expect from new products at NAMM, companies talking about how their product is so much better than this other product, or how their product is so much cheaper, yet still more effective than some other companies product. The difference is Yamaha was telling the truth! The DXR and DXS actually do produce the highest SPL in their class, and they do produce great crystal clear sound, even when you’re running them full out. So without further ado, let’s move on into the review section of this blog.

The Full Line of Yamaha DXR Active Speakers

The Full Line of Yamaha DXR Active Speakers

The DXR series features the DXR8, the DXR10, the DXR12, and the DXR15 Active speakers, all of which feature the same power and performance ability, all of them come armed with 1100 Watt of power, with a 950 Watt main speaker, and a 150 Watt 1.75 inch titanium compression driver. The only real difference between the four in the DXR family is the size of their main speaker, which means they all have similar abilities, but different strengths.

For instance the DXR8 is versatile, it can be used from anything from a reference monitor, a main speaker for a smaller venue, or just another speaker to help bring up the highs a bit in a larger installation. The DXR10 however is great as your main speakers for most standard sized venues, bars and clubs etc. With its extremely large frequency range, you can even use it without a subwoofer and still have a very full rich sound. With the DXRs built in mixer, the DXR10 would even make a perfect acoustic guitar amplifier or standalone PA for a rehearsal space. The DXR12 and 15 however are different monsters.

The Yamaha DXR15 Active Speaker

The Yamaha DXR15 Active Speaker

The DXR12 is has more than enough power and punch to be used as a mainline speaker in almost any situation, and this is going to be the best choice for a main speaker in most installations, and it would still work as a floor monitor if you need more sound at your feet. With more than enough low end to run sans subwoofer, and enough punch to be down right fantastic when used in conjunction with a sub. However, the DXR15 has the widest range of any in the DXR line, and when running full out is still pristine and crystal clear. Valuable as everything a standalone main speaker, running with a subwoofer, it provided some of the most clear and powerful sounds that I’ve ever experienced.

Overall, the DXR lineup of active speakers are some of the most amazing speakers I have ever heard, and they are easily the cleanest sounding speakers I have ever heard at such high volumes. At the end of the day, I feel like my standard 10 out of 10 maximum, just isn’t enough for these speakers. So let me just say that the DXR speakers really are some of the most impressive speakers that I have heard in a long time, and I hope that more companies follow suit in the years to come. 

The Yamaha DSX12 and DXS15 Series of Active Subwoofers

The Yamaha DSX12 and DXS15 Series of Active Subwoofers

Next up are the Yamaha DXS series of active subwoofers. I’ve spent a lot of time playing in bands, and helping wire up sound installations for local bars and clubs, and in that time, I have learned just how important a good subwoofer is to the feeling of the entire venue. When you have a band on stage, and you can’t hear the bass drum, or let alone the bass guitar, the sound and feeling of the whole room becomes flat and fake sounding. If you have a subwoofer that is too powerful though, to where all you hear is low end mud, and you feel like you’re just being kicked in the chest, it equally ruins the feeling and sound of the venue.

The DXS series solves this problem in the most ingenious way, by releasing two equally powerful

The Yamaha DXS12

The Yamaha DXS12

Subwoofers, with two very different voices. The DXS12 is a 950 Watt subwoofer, with a 12 inch woofer housed in an acoustically optimized band pass enclosure. The DXS12 is ideal for a small to medium sized venues, but it seems more inclined for use with live bands, than it would for a more bass heavy act like a DJ for instance. The DXS12 is immense sounding, with more than enough low-end to satisfy anyone’s needs, and is controlled and tight sounding enough that I never found it over powering, or obnoxious. 

The DXS15 is designed for bass heavier acts, which need a little more bass than the DXS12 can provide. The DXS15 is perfect for DJ’s or bands with very prominent bass players who need that extra power to contribute fully to the overall performance. The DXS15 is the kind of subwoofer that can go from a gentle shake, to a kick in the chest as needed, and just like the DXS12 I never felt that the DXS15 was over the top or uncontrolled, it always felt tight and punchy, even when it was dealing with deep dubstep style bass grooves.

The DXS series of active subwoofers are downright amazing, and you shouldn’t get a DXR speaker without a DXS to join it with, because while it’s not required, when it sounds this good it should be. Just like the DXR speakers, I feel that the DXS series is too good for the 10 out of 10 maximum I can award, and I found them equally amazing, with sound that was crystal clear, never muddy or distorted, and at the end of the day I personally would pick these over any other sub on the market.

So there you have it folks, two amazing new series of active loudspeakers, whose quality and versatility far outshine almost all others on the market today. From everything from simple installations at a bar or night club, to full theatre installations, heck, even big outdoor festivals could use these amazing speakers and would find them outstandingly useful. These amazing speakers are available, and surprisingly affordable, and you can get them right now at!


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