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Hey everyone it’s Brian here again from World Music Supply and today I want to talk to you about something we’re really excited to offer to you all, and that is the new line of Mapex MyDentity custom drum kits. Mapex has been known for years as one of the leading names in drum manufacturing, with drums designed for every price bracket, all with amazing quality and value, as well as having a giant list of endorsers who tour the world. Today however is all going to be all about their MyDentity line of custom drums.

MyDentity Best in Show

MyDentity Best in Show

       MyDentity is exactly what it sounds like, a custom drum kit, just for you. Mapex introduced the MyDentity line at NAMM, all featuring grandiose promises like a thirty day lead time and over five hundred million different combinations of kits. What was so amazing was, when March rolled around and the MyDentity line hit the scene, Mapex actually pulled through, there really are over five hundred million different combinations, they really do only take thirty days from receiving the order to shipment of kit, and they all came in at a mid-level price point. This is the first time that the industry has seen drums of this quality, built as custom orders, and assembled in the U.S all at a price that is actually affordable by the working drummer.

The MyDentity Interface

The MyDentity Interface

       The process all begins with their custom drum designer available here, which allows you to sit down, get creative and design your own personal kit from the ground up, or by simply using their four, five, or six piece pre-set kits as a starting point to build from. The interface is intuitive, and straightforward, you pick your drums, as many as you want, and in what ever configuration you want. So you want a straight forward four piece Jazz kit? Sure they can do that. You want a weird prog kit with five bass drums and twenty five toms that are tuned like a keyboard; well they can do that too. That’s what’s so amazing about MyDentity, these really are custom kits, designed just for you.

MyDentity NAMM Sample

MyDentity NAMM Sample

       You can pick and chooses every aspect of what you want from your custom kit, the exact diameter of every single drum is all up to you, all of the finish and lug options, and when you look at what you can really do, the possibilities really are endless. I sat down with the designer tool, and constructed what I consider to be one of the most audacious drum kits imaginable. I made it to twenty four drums before I ran out of ideas of what to do next. Huge sections of rack mounted toms, dozens of floor toms, at least four bass drums, and three snares, when I say that the possibilities of what you could make with this are absolutely endless, I was being serious. That is of course if you’re seriously making a kit, not just toying around with the program like I was.

       The list of finishes and lug options is also amazing, with your standard solid colors, like gloss and metallic reds and blues, some sparkle and pearl finishes, all with their own unique flavor and characteristics. You even get the option to cover your kit in brushed steel or bronze, wood grain finishes, or have it wrapped in one of their “illusion” finishes, my favorites of which are easily the Orange-Yellow Reptile finish, the Satin Blue Dream-sickle and the Satin Black Spiders Eye.

Satin Blue Dreamsickle

Satin Blue Dreamsickle

       As for the lug, heads and hardware options, they are equally as versatile. You have four or so different bass drum heads to choose from, all of which complement the look of almost any kit possibility you can create. The hardware packs that Mapex has ready to go are some rather standard hardware packs, about what you would expect for a normal drum set to come with, although I’m sure that as the MyDentity campaign goes on they will surely add more options for some of the more “out there” combinations. My absolute favorite thing about the MyDentity experience though has to be the hardware finishes, because a lot of these options have either only rarely been available, or have never been available at all on a drum set in this price range, with hardware finishes ranging from the standard chrome, gold, or black, all the way to bright blues, reds and oranges, and even matte white finishes, all of which just look fantastic.

       So there you have it, a simple, intuitive system to create the kit of your dreams. With finishes that are simply out of this world, and set possibilities that really are only limited by your imagination, so do yourself a favor, go create the kit you’ve always been waiting for, and we here at will make your drumming dreams come true.


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